Aden and Anais: Original vs. Target editions

The Aden and Anais muslin swaddling blankets were a MUST purchase for me. When I saw the Target versions, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get my hands on these (which means as a Canadian, I had to cross the border)! You can get 4 original classic muslin blankets for just under $50. At Target, they are approximately $35 also for 4. I don’t regret buying them but know that there are differences:

  • They are smaller (approximately 3 inches or so). This means if you have a tall baby (or as your baby grows), it will be difficult to include the legs for an effective swaddle (and Addi is a kicker!).
  • The fabric is different.  It’s thinner which is great for summer.

I go through these blankets constantly and need several at hand at all times while some are in the wash. In addition to swaddling, I use them as blankets, I roll them up for neck support in the car seat, a nursing cover and as an easy grab for spit-up or drool.

Like anything, you pay for what you get! The verdict? For the extra bit, I recommend buying the original. I love them so much, I also bought the burp cloths and crib sheet too!

Addi 3 days old! Too bad they discontinued the black and white patterns. In addition to the squares and stripes in the picture, they had a cute zebra print too. Glad I grabbed them while available.

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